Uploading game is slow even when very few files are changed


I know (and appreciate!) that the Simulator does not upload files that haven't changed since last upload. This is super helpful and I'm seeing that behavior work correctly (as in, I can see that many files don't tick by in the uploading dialog).

But, in my specific scenario/game, I have two folders totaling ~2000 images (each one is something like ~200b). The initial upload (when I completely remove the game from the device) is pretty slow which I expect.

However, what I've noticed is that if I change (e.g.) one line of code, build, and upload, it's still quite slow. The slowest part in this latter scenario seems to be the 'Unmounting...' stage.

I originally thought something it might be something like my USB C cable going bad so I swapped through a bunch of different cables to rule that out (all have the same result).

I then created a bare/empty Playdate game and compared the upload speed (after one line of code changed) of that to my game. Each takes roughly the same amount of time during the "Waiting for Playdate disk..." and copying individual files stages, but the "Unmounting Playdate..." stage is significantly faster for the game without 2,000 images :playdate_dizzy:.

Edit: Whoops! I realize I didn't even give a sense of what slow means! I just ran a test again (changing only one line of Lua):

Waiting for Playdate disk: ~25s
Copying files: (Couldn't even see it go by)
Unmounting: ~2m29s ( :playdate_tear:)

(I plan to try and squeeze some of these into an image table and see if that makes a difference but while they're related, they don't all have equal dimensions.)

This isn't a huge deal but it slows things down when I need to iterate and test on-device so I thought I'd at least mention it in case there was something that could be done and/or maybe I'm doing something wrong. Thanks!

Environment details:
pdx file size: 1.5MB
macOS: 14.5 (Edit for hardware: MBP M3 Max, 64GB Memory)
Playdate SDK: 2.5.0 (169289)
Playdate OS: 2.5.0