Uploading (the running!) game from within the simulator to the device on 1.13 SDK (windows) will fail launching the game saying invalid PDX path "/Games/"

Uploading a game from within the simulator to the device on 1.13 SDK (windows) will fail launching the game after having copied it to the data disk. saying invalid PDX path "/Games/". My game's name "Blockdude" does not contain spaces and this was working fine for the same game on 1.12 SDK. it seems to be missing part of my "PDX" path as it only mentions "/Games/" The games does seem to be copied ok as when i restart the playdate (press A) and launch it from the launcher aftwards its running the new version i had just uploaded using the simulator

This is were the game was copied to

I found maybe some crucial bit of information to reproduce the issue.

I was running the simulator and my game from within visual studio and visual studio passes the pdx folder as a commandline parameter then and immediatly launches the game. (like running PlaydateSimulator.exe c:\github\blockdude_playdate\BlockDude.pdx) in this situation running the game after upload seems to give the errors, it also gives me this error if launching the simulator.exe normally launches the last ran game or when you select a game from the launcher and then choose to upload the game

however ..

It does not crash if i first goto "home" so no game is running and then choose upload game in the simulator, in this case it's gives me a common dialog to select a folder and when i select the same folder being c:\github\blockdude_playdate\BlockDude.pdx the crash does not happen then after game upload it only seems to crash (in my case at least) if it tries to upload the currently running game inside the simulator (being passed as commandline parameter or not)

I replied on discord, but I'll reply here too. This is a known issue and will be fixed in the next release. Sorry about the troubles. In the mean time, manually launching the game from the launcher screen will work.


I was seeing this issue most of the time I was trying this in 1.12.
Hopefully this fixed it for me too.

this seems fixed for me at least on 1.13.1 - beta 2 SDK 1.13.1b1 - please test! - #15 by dave