Using Playdate branding in "unofficial" releases?

Hi, I was wondering if Panic has guidelines for using (or not using) the Playdate logo/branding for an independent release? I have a project I want to list on Itch, and was thinking of using the logo in the cover image similar to this very legitimate example:


Common sense says 'no,' but considering the FAQ text encouraging people to distribute their own projects, I didn't see anything on this aspect of it, and thought some official input would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

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Off the top of my head, the SDK agreement says no.

"...In addition, You will not:

Use Panic’s trademarks to market Your Developed Program without written permission of Panic..."

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I didn't look deep enough - thank you.

Hello again!

Thanks for bringing up this issue. We know developers may like to visually call out that their games are for the Playdate platform. I made a set of "link badges"—button-type graphics—you could use. They look like this:


You can get a ZIP with various formats of these badges here:

P.S. These badges are now linked from as well. I'll also make an announcement on the forum for everyone else.


Thanks Neven!! I was under a rock for a while and just now saw this.

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