Video Tutorial: Setup Playdate Debugging on VSCode from scratch: SDK, Debugging and Playdate Autocomplete

Hey all!

My name's Franchovy, Game Developer and Playdate Youtube Creator! I just posted my first tutorial on getting started with Playdate. Going with my usual casual style of teaching mixed with humour, and mixing in knowledge of core concepts both basic and advanced while guiding you step-by-step!

This one is for those of you who are looking to get started developing for playdate, or those who are developing but are missing out on important development features like playdate autocomplete or debugging. The tutorial covers both for MacOS and Windows.

Link to the tutorial:

I'll be building on this with a build-along-with-me game where I take suggestions from the audience as I teach you how to build a game! I'll be posting weekly, so stay tuned and subscribe. Leave any comments and/or feedback if you watch the video!

Feel free to check out any of the games on my, like the recent-winner-of-PlayJam-5 Discontrolled!