Video Tutorials, or Verified Pulp Creators

Hihi, just wanted to drop this quick suggestion as I’ve been tampering with Pulp for a good part of the day and I’m having a blast trying out new things with it.

Despite how easy of a language Pulp is so far, it can still be extremely confusing to browse the PulpScript documentation. I’m suggesting a sort of featured developers system; This system wouldn’t affect Pulp directly, however, there would be a clear assortment of developers who post tutorials online that are useful for people trying to get into development!

This is already semi-in-action, with people already helping one-another out on the forums and other places like Twitter! Some people really can’t learn by sitting down with blocks of text, and having some short videos made by Pulp-fessionals (Get it?) at Panic would provide an alternative way to step into this new environment.

Due to how early Pulp is into testing (it literally just dropped today), this obviously isn’t something that can be done immediately; but as the community grows I hope there are opportunities for people to get their bearings and help others, which is where this suggestion would be more actionable.

Thanks for the read, just food for thought! I’m interesting in hearing any takes regarding this whatsover.