Visual cue for Simulator paused when not the active window

My title often acts based on timers, and doesn't always have on-screen motion—so I never realized that the Simulator was pausing temporarily every time I poked around on my code in the window beside the Simulator. (I spent hours re-coding my timers in different ways to figure out why sometimes they triggered and sometimes not. Mystery solved!) Luckily I just found the setting for this in the Playdate menu, which defaults to Pause Simulator When Not Active.

Suggestion: make this dormant state more clear—like fading the screen halfway to yellow (or something obvious) to indicate when it's dormant.

Great Simulator app though! The dark mode support and auto-cranking are welcome extras!

Yeah, we could do a better job of indicating whether the simulator is paused. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Slightly related, so I thought I'd ask here.

Is there a programmatic way to detect a simulator pause, similar to gameWillPause() for "real" pauses?

edit: for context, I ask because it seems getElapsedTime()'s associated timers don't pause when the simulator pauses.

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