Wall sprites created with addWallSprites() aren't the correct shape

Right to the point. My expected result when creating wall sprites from a tilemap (and the result I get in SDK version 11.1) is for the wall sprites to follow the shape of the block tiles but none of the others

When using the newest version of the SDK (and also on my Playdate console itself) I get this instead

This is not the intended result.
The attached ZIP contains the exact PDX file used and the source code for it. If run in SDK version 1.11 it works fine but in 1.12 it goes all weird and funky. All I'm doing is reading a JSON file and drawing those tiles onto a tilemap, then using addWallSprites() to add them as wall sprites
Example.zip (15.6 KB)

I also have a video of the problem here

uhh.. thank you : )

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Well that sure doesn't look right. Thanks for the example project and video; those will be very helpful in finding this bug.

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Good news: this has already been fixed in the next patch, coming very soon.

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oh, thanks! I haven't been able to playtest stuff on my playdate so it'll be nice to be able to again