What drawing/coordinates does setDrawOffset impact?

Hello! I'm working on a top down game where ive setup a camera that keeps the player in the center, and implemented it by using playdate.graphics.setDrawOffset(). While working on an inventory UI, i setup a sprite that draws a background image & a gridview. I noticed for these that i shouldn't consider the current getDrawOffset() values, and just draw it based on screen coordinates instead. Is this because they aren't sprites?

function InventoryWindow:draw()
  self.backgroundImage:draw(self.x - self.width / 2, self.y - self.height / 2)
  local listX = 24 + self.x - self.width / 2
  local listY = 48 + self.y - self.height / 2
  gfx.fillRect(listX, listY, 158, 175)
  self.listview:drawInRect(listX, listY, 158, 175)