What happened to Toybox?

It looks like Toybox has been decommissioned (site down, GitHub 404s) β€” is that fair to say? It also appears that @DidierMalenfant hasn't been active in the forums in a while. Apologies if I missed an announcement about it somewhere, but I couldn't find anything about it and just noticed when I went to make some updates to utilities I'd added through it, and I'm wondering if I should remove docs related to it from my repos. I really enjoyed using it!


I don’t remember any announcements, but repo moved to codeberg: DidierMalenfant/toybox.py: A Lua, C and asset dependency manager for the Playdate SDK. - Codeberg.org

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Aha, thanks! I had remembered (perhaps wrongly) that toybox was self-updating, so I didn't realize there was a newer version. The one I had, of course, pointed to the outdated repo (which, come to think of it, would probably be why self-updating didn't work).

Anyway, I appreciate the help, and I'm glad to see the project is still alive.

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