What I'd Like Added

My reason for requesting this is that I was trying to code in a conditional statement saying something like: if stats == false then... After looking into the PulpScript documentation I found that booleans were not in the scripting language. I know C Sharp and I use this quite a lot. I know I can work around this with integers, but that's a little bit of a hassle.
Second thing I'd like added is statements working when I add a semi-colon. I found it a little annoying when my code didn't work with semi-colons. I spent 3 hours figuring out that my code didn't work because of a semi-colon. I see the reason for not including it, because then beginners can easily use pulp, but could it at least show an error when I put a semi-colon?
Last thing: I would like spawning in objects to be easier. I enjoyed Unity's method (In C Sharp) of Instantiate(GameObject, x,y). The reason I find this necessary to the engine is because it's, again, a little bit of a hassle to do swap"gameobject". Otherwise, I'm happy with the engine and thoroughly enjoy it!

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