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Forklift / Sept 5

Crank that forklift! Always wanted to tinker around with a forklift type of game where it puts you to work.



That's at least two games featuring fork lifts!

I love fork lifts.


Literally ALL these games look amazing. Any chance you will continue some to make them fullblown games?

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They look great!

For what it's worth... I've played with tilt cursor/aiming some, and it might be worth implementing some kind of auto-centering:

  • At the moment the cursor appears, put it in the center and call THAT tilt the new center. Now it adapts to any holding angle.

  • If the cursor goes away and comes back pretty often, that's a chance to re-do that auto-centering and account for the user changing their grip/pose.

  • If the cursor doesn't go away often but instead it is present for a long time, then auto RE-centering can help. You can detect any time the tilt stays around the same (no large changes) for a given span of time, call that the new center, and jump or drift the cursor back to center. And/or: have a constant very slow drift back to center (that can feel odd though). Either way, the cursor centering ends up accommodating whatever way the user shifted their pose.

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Thanks so much! I haven't been able to work on my games lately. The top two that I'm most excited to work on is NekoLost and the ninja platformer. Not sure when I will be able to get around to creating them into full blown games yet. Thanks for the interest!

These are really great suggestions! Totally agree that having the center adjust would make a lot of sense for different situations and positions. Appreciate it!

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I am super excited for this one!

Edit: this was meant in response to the forklift but honestly all of them heh

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Great! Can't wait to conplete and launch these games!

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Cool looking game for the Playdate. I hope it comes out on the Playdate.

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Thank you! I hope I can complete it soon!

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Been away for quite some time and just started learning coding again. It's been a bit of a struggle, but fun!

Current progress of the platformer I'm working on:


Gotta love that shadow! Glad you're back at it.

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Worked on some improved shadows with the help of our playdate dev community.


Combined with the white character edge and the moon, it gives a great backlit feeling.

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I was thinking that as well! Kind of a happy accident from the result of making sure you can see the player.

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Three hit combo if you keep pressing slash. That jump animation needs some work though...




Dialogue system in progress

New jump animation

Attacking enemy animation


This looks great! Love the big character art.

FWIW I'll mention my own very subjective preference: using "typewriter effects" as a cool transition rather than a way to slow down the reader. In other words, I like my "typewriter effects" super fast: people can read ahead multiple words at a time really quickly, and having to wait can break the flow annoyingly.

(One option is assigning a button to skip the effect, but that feels like extra user work to me—plus, then the user misses out on the motion, which IS a nice effect! And I often hit the skip-typing button by habit and end up advancing the PAGE instead of the effect. Then I miss important text.)

Lastly: single-pixel lines can by super hard to see on Playdate's tiny screen, especially in imperfect lighting. (Simulator doesn't convey just how small Playdate is.) Maybe consider using the bold font for all text? (And then make an even bolder variant?)

The font size is nice and big already :+1: You could almost fit 3 lines of text in the box.


Great feedback @AdamsImmersive! I made the A skip the animation and B to bypass dialogue completely.

I agree. The default font is too thin. I need to learn how to swap it out. Thanks again!