Wordwrap/line breaks support in the script window

I happen to write long dialogue texts and they end in being a single super long line with a lot of \n inbetween. It is completely unreadable.
It would be nice to have wordwrpa but even more useful : being able to add line breaks like traditional code (example hereunder)

say "This is a line of text\n
this is anotehr line\n
yet another line"


YES - that would be great!!!
. . . . . . . . .


These are actually supported just not documented.
\n = Line break
\f = Page break

Perhaps @arisa or @shaun could add them to the doco.

I mean, a word wrap in the editor (meaning we could avoid scrolling horizontally to read long lines of code)


Oh I see! forgive me!
That might mess with the line count…

You could try Pulp+

It adds a number of handy quality of life changes.

Wow! Didn't know that!!
I may try it (though I do not like the horizontal scrolling. I like to have all the items on a single screen without having to scroll... and I also happen to use on iPad as well...)

Lots of the features are make the large screen desktop experience better.
But Pulp+ has sittings you can turn off so you don't have to take it all.
Some I can't live without now.