Yoshimi Yahtzee

Hey folks. I've been working on a little Yahtzee game, and thought I'd share. Not the most complex game ever, but as a beginner I'm pretty pleased with it.

A few features :

  • Animated title screen
  • A background pattern select in the menu screen
  • Guide in the menu screen. Page 2 is selectable, but you need to exit the menu and return. I'm not sure if there's a way round this.

EDIT: I've added a high score table, with save file.

:a: Select / Hold dice
:b: Roll dice




Oh, and Yoshimi is a username I use on a lot of forums/discord (and realised I don't use here!)



Cool! I'll try this soon.

I struggled to get a satisfactory screen layout with my "five dice" game. I wanted to try a vertical layout but never got round to it.

Managed to add a high score screen with Playdate's keyboard input and file backup. :smile:

New version up on itch.io

I'm really loving making games for the Playdate already.


oh wow! this is really cool! i havent played a yahtzee games in ages!

wow, some of my favorite childhood memories were playing the yahtzee LCD handheld my great grandmother had. this is bringing me back to that. awesome work.

I absolutely love this. I play it a lot. My only suggestion would be a bonus for subsequent Yahtzees.

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this is one of my top games. one gripe is that sometimes i hit the roll button too quickly and get a double-roll. it’s be nice if there was a lockout timer to keep an accidental second roll from happening within a second or so of the first roll.

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Crank to roll? (Must make dice rattling in cup sound while cranking)

Ive played through a couple rounds now.

Cycling cursor left/right if dpad is held down may be nice.

Thanks for all of your hard work on this game!


Hey folks. I've had so much great feedback from the Playdate community about Yoshimi Yahtzee. Thanks to everyone who's downloaded the game, especially those who have thrown me a few bucks. I've had a few feature requests which I've added to the new update.

Version 1.3

  • Added Crank to roll!!
  • Scoring 63 or above in the top row gains you 35 bonus points. (was previously incorrectly set at 65).
  • Fixed bug where pressing B while writing your high score name would submit your name.
  • Added 'New Game' option in menu screen, for when you'd like to restart.
  • Changed buttonJustReleased to buttonJustPressed.

I've really been enjoying this over the past week or two since I found it on Itch.io. The only bummer is my username is one character too long to use for the highscore table! :wink: