10K stack limit... any way to bump it up?

I've added a language interpreter in C for one of my projects (background: link here ), but under some circumstances (working around those ok so far) on hardware parsing/resolving some code constructs blow past the 10K stack limit.

Is there any way to move/expand the stack limit beyond 10K? There's 16MB of RAM, a 10K stack seems like an arbitrarily small size (and, why is it so small to begin with?).

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It was an interesting adventure, but couldn't get the interpreter to run reliably on hardware for non-trivial scripts (ran fine on simulator, though :slight_smile: ).

Instead I punted and write a pre-processor to generate a Lua file containing the content I need and inject that into my project just before invoking pdc. Net effect is the same, and doesn't affect the C runtime at all that way.

Still interested in any information about the C stack limit, if anyone knows :wink: .