3 tiled players?

Hello, I'm quite new to coding and saw that there are tutorials on 2 tiled players and larger tiled players although I need more than 2 tiles I am absolutely sure that I will not have the knowledge to hack into the programs code. So may I please have some help on perchance finding a way to make a 3 tiled player? Thank you.

Have you tried following the tutorial for making a 2 tile tall player? Once you understand that, I think you'll surprise yourself in being able to work out how to make a 3 tile tall player :slight_smile:

Give it a try, see how far you get, and then if you are still having problems you will have some code to share here which will make it easier to help you!

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Okay, I'll try that. Thanks!

I managed to get the 2 tile player code to work with three tiles, thank you for helping!