A More Complete Linux Uninstaller


I think it would be nice to see more complete Linux uninstaller capabilities in the SDK install package.

I'm downloading and installing the Linux version of the SDK today and I read through the README.md and setup.sh script just to verify that everything was above board. I liked what I saw for the installation process, but I noticed that there was no real capability for cleanly uninstalling the software in the download package.

I saw that there's an existing thread for uninstalling the SDK on Steam Deck, but the advice there is simply to delete the SDK folder and a few other files by hand. This wouldn't address reverting the udev rules that the setup.sh script sets, and perhaps there are other things that would be missed too. To have a complete and clean uninstall, a Linux user would have to reverse-engineer the setup.sh script, and then undo each step.

Undoing the steps may not be that hard, but I think it would reflect a more responsible app deployment to also include an uninstaller script of some kind for Linux. Please let me know if you have any more refined or recent advice for uninstalling the Playdate SDK on Linux.

Thanks for considering my feedback! I hope it's helpful. I'm excited to get tinkering with Playdate!

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Eventually we'd like to move setup to flatpak or some other package. However, an uninstaller would be a nice. With the udev rule specifically, some users would already have that set up and we wouldn't want to undo that change blindly so we'd need some sort-of state tracking which would require more that what we have now. Thanks for the feedback!

I totally understand. I was thinking something similar about the udev rules. I think distributing in flatpak or some similar packaging technology would be awesome!

Thanks for getting back to me on this! I appreciate the engagement from the dev team.