Uninstall SDK on Linux (Steam Deck)

Hi, so I got a Steam Deck and I got all nerdy with it and wanted to install the PlayDate sdk to check it out and see if I could make a game with it. So I did sudo bash setup.sh and it installed. But PlayDate simulator application doesn't work so I want to cleanly remove everything. Except I don't know how to do that.

So: How do I correctly uninstall/remove all files that the setup.sh script installed? I'm such a noob.

So sorry! I just want to clean up my files... :confused:

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You installed the PlaydateSDK on your SteamDeck!? Cool.

I'm sure somebody will be along soon to help with the uninstallation.

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It would be even better if the SDK works though, would love to tinker with it! But yeah very niche :slight_smile:
I think I'm after some sort of uninstall script. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reply already!

In what way does it not work? Maybe we could get it working.

Generally speaking, just deleting the SDK folder removes nearly everything. There is the app icon and file icons installed in usr/share/icons/hicolor/ and the desktop file is installed in usr/local/share/applications and mime files in usr/share/mime/packages.