Ability to sideload to simulator (to view launcher card in context)

EDIT: Nevermind, these "suggestions" are both just me figuring out how pulp works. Thanks to the replies that corrected me!


I am still waiting on my playdate, but I am getting into basic programming for the playdate now, and I'm loving Pulp despite the limitations. The "launcher card" is pretty useless for me right now though, as the simulator only loads .pdx files temporarily and doesn't add them to the simulator's "games" page.

Currently the sideloading webpage says you cannot sideload without registering a Playmate because there is nothing to sideload to. In my case, it says these even with a simulator registered to my account that could accept sideloaded games.

To be frank, this feature would only really be helpful to casual developers who do not have playdates; I assume any serious developer would buy a scalped playdate in order to be sure their game runs at a reasonable speed.

Still, I think this could be one of several features to improve the Pulp exporting experience. It would also be helpful if the savedata from your test-plays did not by default export to .pdx with the game itself. I assume there must be a workaround for this, but it is pretty annoying to send a friend a copy of your game and then realize that they're starting partway through.

I'm very new to this, so these may be features that are already available that I am not using correctly.

You can install your pdx by copying it to the Disk/Games folder in the SDK installation

There is currently no solution to preview the unwrapping animation unfortunately.

Your save data does not export with the pdx from Pulp. To send someone your save data, you would need to manually extract the persistent storage data from your disk and they would then need to place it in the right location, if that is even possible.
If you or they do not clear game data, and you use the “restore” command, they will always start in their last save state if it already exists in their Pulp/Playdate/Simulator.

Lol, I swear I tried this, but I must have done it wrong, because it's working perfectly as you suggested.

I don't know what an "unwrapping animation" is, but the "launcher card" is displaying correctly, which is what I wanted. Thanks!

I don't know what I did last night that gave me the impression I was loading a pdx with save-data inside, but it's definitely working just like you say now when I try it out. Thanks!