About the SDK Bug Reports category

This category is for reporting bugs relating to the Playdate SDK, hardware, documentation, etc.

We're switching over from having you report bugs that you find on our Gitlab to having them directly posted here! One of us at Panic will file those bugs for you to make sure things are organized and prioritized in the tracker.

How do I report a bug?

If you have encountered a bug relating to the Playdate hardware, SDK, documentation, you're at the right place!

First, check to ensure that no one else has posted about this bug by using the search at the top-right. If someone else has already posted this same bug, feel free to like the post or comment to add any additional information relating to that bug. It's useful to know if other people are experiencing this same bug.

Once you have made sure this is a new bug report, all you need to do is create a new thread in Bug Reports and we'll take a look at your report!

Tips on how to write a bug report

  1. Have a clear title.
  2. If relevant, tell us what platform you're using the SDK on (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  3. Explain what the expected result was and what happened instead.
  4. Provide details on when and where this bug happens. Videos and images of the issue can be helpful.
  5. Instructions on how to reproduce the issue.

How do I request a new feature?

To share your feature idea, head to the Feature Request category and post your suggestion there!

Be sure to check the Feature Request category info before creating a new thread.