About the SDK Get Help category

This category is where you can post questions and get help on any SDK-related questions you have from the community and Panic.

How do I post my question?

You can post in the Get Help - Playdate Developer Forum and add related tags to that post, and either Panic or someone from the community will be able to help out!

We plan to add more subcategories later to make searching easier. If there's a subcategory you think we should add to the Get Help category, let us know!

Tips on what to include in your question

  1. Have a clear title
  2. Provide what platform you're using the SDK on (Mac, Windows, or Linux)
  3. What do you need help with? Describe your issue and include screenshots or videos if possible.
  4. What have you tried so far? You may find other similar threads to this issue by searching Get Help - Playdate Developer Forum (click the search button at the top right from Get Help).

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