Add install instructions for the SDK

When using the Playdate SDK on Linux (debian or any other), it should be mentionned that you have to run the bash file after extracting the files.
The installation steps are a bit unclear and for newcomers this might be a hard thing to even fully understand (I know my way around Linux and still I have just found out!).

Furthermore there should be a section of the SDK docs that explains clearly how to set up the SDK for any platform. Something like :

  1. Download the SDK for your current operating system
  2. a) On Windows, run the installer and select an appropriate path
    b) On Linux extract the files in a folder your current user can read/write to
    c) [steps for MacOS]
  3. Set the PLAYDATE_SDK_PATH environment variable (+ include link to wikipedia page about env. variables) to the folder where you installed the SDK
  4. On Linux (and maybe MacOS idk) run the file found in the SDK path to finalize the installation

Or you could always make a .deb package for the SDK which would also be cool for most Linux users (Debian-based distros are really popular).

I hope you like my suggestion/bug report and I hope this makes a positive impact on the community!

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Wow, you're right, there's no mention of in the docs at all, just in I've filed this and we'll get it fixed as soon as we have a chance. Many thanks for the note!