Add more filtering options for --skip-unknown

I've been using --skip-unknown which has been working great (eg to ignore a readme and license file) but I recently added some .json level files for my game and those were also ignored.

Ideally I'd like to specify the specific extensions to ignore, eg --skip *.txt, *.lic or something.

SDK 1.12.0

Workaround would be to convert you JSON files to Lua.

They will load faster this way, too!

Oh interesting! Silly question but if I convert a bunch of json files to Lua tables, is there some way to “lazy load” those tables? Otherwise won’t they all occupy RAM when my game starts if they’re all “statically declared” tables?

You could try compiling them separately as .pdz

And then use playdate.file.load() to get their contents at runtime

Also see @Nic's Hot Load Plugin Manager

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Cool, I’ll look into this, especially if my level data files are getting large enough to cause a slowdown when loading, thanks!