Add new char into the font

I wanted to add new special character (like accented characters: áéóüö) to my font but I could not find that options. Can I do it? Or this options is not yet available in PULP?

I don’t think you can add additional characters as of now. You could redraw some characters you don’t plan on using, like @, [ or ], to resemble an ä, é and so on and use them in your game that way. I know, it’s not a very clean solution :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The font in Pulp offers very retro ASCII support only :sweat_smile: However, the embed feature will let you include any graphic in your text! I’ve used this to do childish reversed letters, an alternate font, and even emoji.


Thank you. Not the best solution for the accented characters, but at least there is a way!