Adding a new mode to audio playback and microphone recording to allow system to system communication


This would generate 2 separate channels. One for the headphone jack and the other for the systems speaker. This would allow local systems to play together without the need of wireless functionality or the USB-C port.
No idea if anyone has tested this yet, as I have yet to receive mine for testing.
Let me know what you think!

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I am now researching the "TRRS headphone jack" and it seems there is really no way to simply switch what is receiving what. Unless there was something custom made to swap audio to mic through the cable for both systems. That would be kinda absurd.

Interesting read here about data transmission - iphone - Bandwidth from headphone/microphone jack - Stack Overflow

Update: Here is what could be the solution.
There would have to be a brand new type of Audio Cable just for this to work.


This has been discussed previously, with code!
see Direct access to the Playdate's speaker - #6 by SHiLLySiT

Perhaps related to your idea

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After extensive research, I have confirmed that this will be possible on Playdate!
Heres hoping I can figure out a way to have both the headphone jack and the system speaker to work together.

This helped me a lot! <3

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Opened this back up recently due to another fourm by me talking about separate audio for speaker and headset.

Have you had any success transmitting data over audio in general?

It would be possible to do this simply by buying two TRRS splitters, two female-female 3.5mm extension cables, and cross-wiring them. I think there could be a risk of overloading the microphone circuit, but there are ways to mitigate that.

I gave up on this idea because it's basically impossible to convince people to buy these components (or a specialty cable) just for this purpose.

I think it would make more sense to work on just developing a speaker->microphone data delivery method, with the two playdates placed next to each other. I'm currently working on a basic version of that, but I think the bandwidth will be incredibly low.

It seems like the only method of converting microphone input to data is the "get level" function. In other words, the only variable in the output would be the volume level. I think the amount of data transmissible via that variable will be very low.