Agents of Groove: a rhythm game for Playdate

I'm working on a rhythm game called Agents of Groove, with different level types that generally see the player matching the rhythm of a music track with the Playdate buttons and crank, but that can also reveal an occasional twist.

Dance club

As the game progresses, the player joins a group of undercover dancers that stumble on a global conspiracy (and attempt to stop it), and helps tell their story through both rhythm-based gameplay and conversation.

It's really not quite done yet, but there's for now a teaser trailer: Agents Of Groove Teaser Trailer on Vimeo

The game can also be found on its own web page: Agents of Groove · Synaptic Sugar
and on Agents of Groove by Synaptic Sugar

I hope to be able to post some devlogs as development continues and to share more soon!


The gameplot sounds really nice! I'll be following not only to get to know more about the game if you share devlogs, but also to play it once it's available!

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Thank you! :pray: I'll be sure to update here too!


Looks like a perfect rhythm game for the Playdate. It's so different. Groove on.

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Thank you, the support means a lot :pray:

This looks amazing. Just went and followed you on itch.

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Thank you for the compliment and the follow!