Allow multiple inputs to `print` in the Simulator Debugger REPL

Let's say you're debugging your latest and greatest Playdate game, and you need to know a sprite's size. Caveman you puts in a print statement like print(sprite:getSize()) and you get both values out:

16.0 16.0

But you're a coder pro. You just want to type p in the debugger and be done with it. So you set a breakpoint, call p sprite:getSize() and then you get


... only the first value. :playdate_sad:

I'd love it if I could call print from the debugger and see all the values passed to it, not just the first one.

Are you referring to the Simulator's console window, or are you connecting to it through a debugger such as Nova's?

Also, what platform are you running on (Mac, Windows, Linux)?

Sorry, this was the debugger in Nova on macOS.

Gotcha. Yeah, this looks like a bug either in Nova or in the Simulator's debugger interface. Thanks for the report!