Amount of animated sprites for good performance?

I'm experimenting with the SDK and had an interesting idea, but it heavily relies on lots of animated sprites all at once and I can't tell if that would be feasible without having the hardware in hand.

I basically set a sprite to spawn as a button is held and follow an easing animation on, then off of the screen. Because of how i did it, the sprite was spawned every frame the button was held down- not the intended effect, but I thought that the trailing effect it gave was cool looking. Again, though, I do worry about whether or not something like that could even run on actual hardware?

It could run.

Lots of details to think about.

The flag at the link below consists of 200 sprites. I set their position directly through code rather than using SDK animation function. Edit: this runs badly on device.

At one time I was doing skidmarks in my game Daily Driver as one sprite per mark and had a hundreds of those. I'd have to check git to see exactly how many. It ran at 30–45 FPS.

So I think it's doable with caveats.

I've done some benchmarking for my AnimatedSprite lib (GitHub - Whitebrim/AnimatedSprite: Sprite class extension with imagetable and finite state machine support. Playdate specific.)
It handles 53 sprites for 30 Fps (24x24, 16 frames, 4 states for state machine, 1 event invoken for each sprite every animation loop), 40 for 40fps, 32 for 50 fps.

If you're aiming for simpler and more performant animations then you can write your own implementation.