Animated CRANK icon UI for PULP

Hi there,
sinceas far as I know, you can't embed animated tiles in "say" method.
I made an animated Crank UI icon for pulp..
which is displayed when needed, and keep the room tiles intact when off.

probably not the best way but it works.. if anyone needs it i can share it!



I'm a little scared of what creature sits on a toilet that large...

hahaha, it's supposed to be a well.
but a toilet it's fine too :slight_smile:

Oh I see it now. Whoops! :sweat_smile:

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I'd love it if you shared :slight_smile: I have a single tile animation that just plays currently but something more elegant would be nice

there it is:
wishing (4.4 KB)

note that I'm new to this and my coding abilities are weak so.. I'm sure there's a better way to do it but this is the solution I came up with so far..

the ROOM script keeps track of the current tiles where the icon is going to be displayed
( to swap them back )

I used an ITEM to act like a trigger. so you'll find most of the code there.

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