Any theoretical risk of long-term image burn-in?

Some sources (like PDF page 5/document page 4 here) suggest that Sharp Memory LCDs similar to Playdate's can potentially experience burn-in or image "sticking" if content is displayed for more than 2 hours without changing. When used as a clock, portions of the Playdate screen might remain unchanged for days.

Is burn-in a possibility?

I'm considering adding optional anti-burn-in measures to my Playtime clock app—maybe inverting the screen for 2 seconds once every other hour, say. But not if that addresses something that isn't even possible.

Thanks for any info.

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I don't believe I've ever seen burn-in on a playdate in ~7 years I've been looking at them.


Great! Thanks. And I'm sure some of those ran the built-in clocks for days at a time at some point—so the WiFi icon or clock face circle or month name would probably have burned in if they were really going to.

(It's probably one of those things were someone at Sharp chose to be overcautious—OR it's a theoretical issue with some Memory Displays at some point—but not this particular one. They have had multiple part numbers for 2.7 inch LCDs.)

So I'll include only minimal anti-burn-in measures if any, for the heck of it, and not even expose the option in the UI. Maybe I'll invert the screen for a minute at 4:30 am and see if anyone notices, which they won't :slight_smile:

(7 years! Wow!)