Any way to decompile pdx?

While messing around with git trying to get it to work all of my progress was deleted... The art, the code, everything was reverted back to the first save. All I have left is the game file of one of the finished builds. Is there any possible way to get my code or at least my art from the pdx???

Aw, man, that sucks dude.

Unfortunately there's not much you can do, all of your game assets are in .pd* files, which were all compressed into Lua bytecode when you compiled your game. The algorithm hasn't been fully reverse-engineered yet, so you're kind of out of luck.

There is some pretty detailed documentation on .pd* files here, though. Maybe you could try to make a decompression tool?

Also, next time you make a game, you should probably use GitHub Desktop instead of Git. It's a LOT easier to use.

git storage and structure should prevent against such accidental deletions. Are you sure everything is gone?

Graphics and audio can be reversed but it's tricky.

I have some tools to convert pdi and pdt files to png and pdv files to gif. They're still under development (and require Python with the Pillow module installed) but may be useful. Alan De Smet / Alans Playdate Conversion Tools · GitLab


I ended up being able to get everything back I thought had been deleted via git reset hard!