Arrow Match - a casual game

Hey Lovely Folks!

I would like to ask some help from someone with actual hardware.

Here is my little hyper casual game, a match two game, where the crank is used to aim and the buttons to shoot to make matching objects hit (and disappear) (1.2 MB)

It shows the FPS in the bottom left corner.

Could you please run the game in normal and endless mode and see if the FPS stays stable or if it drops?
Please try to hit non-matching objects to make them bounce. In endless mode, a lot can move at the same time and I suspect the FPS will drop. If not, then I didn't make a terrible job. :slight_smile:

I would appreciate if someone could test, maybe even post a pic from a real hardware.

Any other feedback about the game is also welcome.

It's a fully functional demo, that will expire next month.

A few picture for attention. :slight_smile:






Thank you in advance for any help!


Downloading now and will try it out tonight!

Hey, did you had a chance to try it out? I really would like to know if FPS stays stable or not. Thanks!

Seems to run really smooth and stable! Played Normal and Endless for about 15 minutes each.

That's great to hear! Thanks a lot for testing and providing feedback! Really appreciate it.

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The game is up on Have a look at it here:

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