ART7 Release Date and Submission Guide

ART7 - 1-bit Gallery for the Playdate is coming along well! I announced a little bit ago that it'll be releasing on - of course - 7/7 !

I am still taking submissions for pieces for the gallery until 6/27 and will be making a thread over on Discord with these details as well. I want to cover the questions most folks have when we first talk about their art.

I started this project partly to showcase a lot of the awesome work I saw on discord and reddit and twitter and this forum. You guys are making a Ton of cool games and for anyone that is interested, this is another interesting way to put your work out there!

With every Artwork, there is a placard like in a museum, with Title and Accreditation along with a few lines describing the piece or the project.


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I have some art from some very good folks in the community but I would love to see more before submissions close!

--Technical Details

Static Art is easy. I just need a PNG in the right resolution (1-bit as you all know, strictly black and white) and then I can convert it into a Tile and Display it with the process I detailed awhile back!
Pulp How-To: Drawing Frames from a Single Tile - Playdate Developer Forum

I have the following Resolutions already set up with a picture frame:

6x8 Portrait (48x64px)
8x6 Landscape (64x48px)
8x10 (64x80px)
8x12 (64x96px)
9x12 (72x96px)
10x10 Square (80x80px)
12x12 Big Square (96x96px)
15x10 Landscape (120x80px)
16x9 Landscape (128x72px)
16x12 Landscape (128x96px)
18x12 Landscape (144x96px)
23x12 Biggest Frame Possible (184x96px) - Any resolution below this one will work just fine!

A PNG in any of these resolutions is Ready to Go for ART7. Folks have submitted pixel art, game art, abstract art, animated art. I have worked with folks to adapt bigger pieces and have used a variety of tools to dither images for photography conversion, as below.

waste barrels

Additionally, I have a few pieces that involve generated or randomized elements. These are static pieces that are different every time they are accessed. I feel like there's a lot of conceptual room to push with the idea of an Art Gallery on this little system.

I'm happy to work with anyone with an interesting idea and see how it could be implemented in Pulp!

The images look positively Gorgeous on this screen and I want to see anything that YOU think could be cool or interesting!

So! Reply here or send me a private message or find me on Discord @ledbetter in Playdate Squad or DM @LDBR_art on twitter to talk.

The things I see made for this little system that we all love are really cool and I want to celebrate it so much!


Oh and here are a few dithering tools you may have already seen. Each of them have high and low points, but they have all been useful :slight_smile:

Atkinson Dithering (
Ditherlicious 1 Bit Image Crusher -
oven (


Hello Ledbetter,

I love this concept and I would like to submit a piece to the ART7 gallery. Where do I email the submission to? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Everyone can just message me on this forum:-)

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