Aseprite script: Export multi-tile animations to Pulp

Hi! I want to share an Aseprite script I did to export big animations to Pulp. It doesn’t do all the work, but it’s a huge help.

You’ll be able to go from this:


To this:


First of all download the script: (1.3 KB)

Uncompress it and copy it to the Aseprite Script Folder. Here there is a detailed way to do it:

Open your Aseprite file and select File > Scripts > ExportPulpAnimation

Before exporting make sure to be using RGB Color Mode in your document.

You have to specify the directory and the folder name where the tiles will be exported to. It is important that you click to select the directory, otherwise it won’t work. The “File name” will be the folder name, not the prefix of any file. Select your FPS and the Pulp layer you want to export the tiles to.

Press “Export” and let it work. The new folder will be like this:

Now an IMPORTANT part. Select all the files and compress them into a new .zip. You CANNOT compress the folder, it won’t work when importing. There is a reason why it's better to import a zip file instead of all individual files: sometimes they are imported in a wrong order, making it more difficult to place them in Pulp. I didn’t see that error/bug when importing a zip.

Now just go to Pulp and import the zip file. You’ll have to place it in your room by hand but is pretty fast just clicking to draw and pressing the right arrow to select the next tile.


And that's all! Hope it helps everyone making big animations :smiley: And if you find any bug or problem let me know.


Wow this is magic! amazing work @Kleist!


this oslves a big problem for me :slight_smile: now need to get into aseprite

Hello !

I'm a bit late, but your script seems great and VERY useful !
However, I have a little problem : the script is well installed and seems to work, but when I try to export an animation, Aseprite crashes right after creating the first tile. The output directory is made of this only one tile and when importing it in Pulp, it creates several tiles for each frame instead of one tile with some frames. Here is an example :

I don't think I missed a step and I followed your instructions :0
Any ideas to solve this ?
Thank you ! :sweat_smile:

I don't know what could be wrong honestly. Would you share that aseprite project to test it in my computer and see if it works?

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Here it is : (1.7 KB)

But this aseprite project was just an example for testing purpose, it does the same thing for my other animations so I don't think the file is the problem in itself.
I'll try to update Aseprite if possible or download again the script, the problem probably comes from my computer !

Thank you !

So I'm not sure why, but the problem seems to be using Greyscale Color mode. I tried it and it crashed too, after that I changed to RGB color mode and exported fine. So strange. Tell me if it that works for you! :slight_smile:

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It works ! I didn't even thought of switching the color mode :upside_down_face:
No more problem, perfect import to pulp ! Thank you very much for helping me and for this essential script too :sparkles:

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Hi there. I'm new to all the game dev stuff and surprised again and again what ingenious tools turn up by browsing the forums. As a pixel artist, I'm in love with your script. Thanks a lot!