Asterisks for bold text doesn't work nicely with concatenation

I am using the Mac SDK with Nova and the simulator.
Expected result: I can concatenate two asterisk-ed strings, each of which draws as bold with no visible asterisks, into one string that will still draw as bold with no visible asterisks.
Actual result: both strings will draw as bold but with a single asterisk also drawn onto the screen
Details to reproduce: Create two string that are surrounded by asterisks. Draw them on screen separately - they are bold and you can't see the asterirsks. Now concatenate them and draw the combined string on screen. One of the middle asterisks is now drawn in to the text! Code to reproduce:

import "CoreLibs/graphics"
local gfx =

gfx.drawText("No asterisks", 100,100)
gfx.drawText("*One asterisk", 100,120)
gfx.drawText("*Two asterisks*", 100,140)
gfx.drawText("*Three* asterisks*", 100,160)
gfx.drawText("*Four* *asterisks*", 100,180)

--This kind of works  the way I would expect
local s = "*A bold concat" .. "*with three asterisks*"
gfx.drawText( s, 100, 200)

--But this I would expect would yield a string that is bold and without the asterisks drawn
 s = "*A bold concat*" .. "*with four asterisks*"
gfx.drawText( s, 100, 220)

function playdate.update()