Autostereogram games for Playdate?

I'm curious to know the community's thoughts about random-dot autostereogram games for Playdate. I put Autostereocade on Itch a while ago. The device's "Reduce Flashing" accessibility setting and the in-game "in stereo" menu item control rendering. It's a cool concept, but does Playdate's small, unlit screen prevent it from being a worthwhile pursuit? Loading it in the zoomed-in simulator might help. Is it too difficult even on larger, more brightly-lit screens?

Here is what Autostereocade's "Falling Stars" game looks like with the various rendering.

Reduce Flashing off, in stereo on

Reduce Flashing off, in stereo off

Reduce Flashing on

If you're interested, here are a couple of other things to check out. A Ludum Dare game called Deeper Trance is how I first realized that autostereogram video games were possible. Here is a YouTube video of shaders being used to render a 3D scene with Unity.