Axon / Orbital Platform Assault (working title) - downloadable demo!


Write up and PDX download link for the Demo here.

(PDX is for either Windows Simulator or actual Playdate hardware)

Have fun, and Happy Holidays!


Maaaaan, it looks so slick!

Care to share links for those ones having no Discord access/account, please?

I should have thought of that...

Recreating the playtest post here (w/o Discord links):

⁠Axon (working title) was intended to be one of the (Lua) Arcade mini-games in UTT (Under The Tree⁠), but turned out to run abysmally slow once I put it on a real Playdate.

UTT is finished so I took a slight detour to port Axon to C, just to see what kind of performance difference it would make. And it turned out, I think, not too bad! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this now, though... maybe save it for a mini-game for UTT 2.0 (if there is one), or polish it up and make it a standalone game, or .... ? We'll see.

So, here's a pdx for folks to play with:

This is also my first try at supporting Japanese with Kanji (UTT was kana-only), please forgive the Google-translated string table :slightly_smiling_face: . If anyone wants to take a shot at improving the Japanese version, here's a link to the en|jp.strings files used:

Known issues:

  1. I've only completed two maps/levels/platforms (whatever you'd like to call them) but the 'actual game' (whatever that turns out to be) will likely have more. If anyone's interested, here's the first two maps (they're simple ASCII files) for perusal (sorry, completely undocumented at this point):
  1. The z-order/clipping for the ship/shadow in axonometric space isn't perfect - but I've gotten it about as good as I think I can get barring a completely different approach (translation: it's probably not going to get any better :wink: ).

Anyhow... if anyone wants to play with it, have fun! Any feedback appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @Tengu! It's been a while since the last update on your beautiful project. What's up?

I'm currently working on an (un-named) RPG. The Axon prototype is sitting on the shelf, along with several others, that I'm still pondering what to do with. Some examples:





Oh, that's pretty neat! I'm glad to see you keep on experimenting and trying out things! Time for a "Tengu's prototypes" megathread, maybe? (-;