Baseball Brat Badventure


Baseball Brat Badventure (B3) is available now on and is a platformer with some puzzle elements, enemies and obstacles.

This time I decided to switch to the SDK instead of Pulp. I will probably go back to Pulp for my next project, but in the meantime I have a few updates and some additional levels to add to B3!



What's new in v1.1?

Bonus level!

  • v1.1 includes the first (teaser) level of Winter World. This icy world is slippery, so your best jumping skills will be necessary.
  • Hit a snowman with your baseball and you can temporarily jump on them for a boost.
  • You must have completed at least 1-star on the level "Spooky World Special B" to unlock Winter World 1.

Various fixes and changes:

  • 3-star completed levels can now be revisited despite the door being closed. Revisiting these levels does not affect the number of stars.

  • Improved collision detection with vertical platforms. This primarily affected Rookie World 4 where Brat would sometimes be forced off the platform in certain conditions.

  • Improved collision detection when colliding with objects while standing on horizontal platforms.

  • Chests should now appear behind the player in the default single layer levels, and in front of the player in levels with a back layer.

  • The floating key sprite above a chest is hopefully more clear now when you "NEED" the key.