Best practice for moving parts/whole room

hi, what method using pulp can i have a part of a room (or whole room) scroll on crank?
one way is swap each tile but that seems to be overkill? is there a pulpscript option? thanks.

You can make an entire room appear to scroll across the screen using config.follow = 1 and changing the x and/or y offsets with config.followCenterX = x and config.followCenterY = y as you crank (see docs).

For areas of the screen outside of the room whatever tile is set as config.followOverflowTile will be displayed. You can draw over that overflow area.

That said if you're imagining smoothly scrolling from one room to another, or scrolling a room that is larger than the screen, that's not a thing in Pulp and you are likely to run into performance issues if you try and fake it.

For a relatively small area of the screen using swap might be your best option.

i see. If i did config follow is there a way to set some tiles to static/hud so they dont go with the scrolling? swap ,though time consuming, may be the best option if not. thanks.

Anything you draw to the screen uses screen coordinates and won't scroll, so a static HUD should be nice and simple!

so maybe ill swap some areas andleave others as a hud thank you