Bump Mapping Prototype (Real device test required)

Hello everyone, i have some ideas about using "bump mapping" for visual purposes (and for some gameplay mechanics too).

I made prototype application, it runs 50+ FPS in Simulator, but I have big doubts about the speed on a real device.

Can anybody test it on real device and tell me FPS?

bump_mapping.pdx.zip (83.7 KB)


Light source can be in any position, so using pre-precoded videos is not an option.

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It immediately crashes on both device and Mac simulator for me (edit: Iā€™m guessing this has some C built for the Windows simulator only and not the device)

main.lua:78: field 'calc_bump_map_and_draw' is not callable (a nil value)
stack traceback:
	main.lua:78: in function <main.lua:70>
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Yep, it only has a pdex.so. To run on the device it needs pdex.bin.

oh, sorry, pdex.so compiled for linux

pdex.bin builded and included into .pdx, please try this one

bump_mapping_bin.pdx.zip (86.7 KB)

If I move the light, the frame rate indicator only goes down to 1 but it looks more like one frame every two seconds (i.e. 0.5fps).

50fps when stationary.

:expressionless: Looks like it will require a lot of optimizations. I will try to replace trigonometry with tabular functions, or lower render resolution.

Or this effect is not worth it at all.

Anyway, thank you for your time!