C API get position of collided object?

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to get the position of a collided object, but no luck so far. When I try and get the width of the collided object, it prints '0'. xOther prints '0' as well, and &xOther prints a memory address. I'm brand new to C so probably missing something simple. Here's what I have currently:

for ( i = 0; i < len; i++ )
SpriteCollisionInfo info = cInfo[i];

        if ( pd->sprite->getTag(info.other) == kPlatform ) {

            pd->system->logToConsole("info.otherRect.width = %d", info.otherRect.width);
            float xOther, yOther;
            pd->sprite->getPosition(info.other, &xOther, &yOther);
            pd->system->logToConsole("xOther = %d", xOther);
            pd->system->logToConsole("&xOther = %d", &xOther);


Thanks in advance,

Replace %d with %f in your format string. %d is only for int values, use %f for float

That worked, thank you!