C Examples missing Cmakelists.txt

Several examples in the C Exampes folder (the majority maybe) do not have a project specific Cmakelists.txt. Hello World does, and I can get that working by using the cmd "cmake .." as expected. But in other folders that fails.

Am I missing something here or are there actually missing files?

Thanks much.

  • Robert

I think you are right that some examples doesn't always have a Cmakelists.txt

But I think in that case there is always a makefile so you should be able to just type make to build the example.

Sigh. There is of course no "make" on Windows. So it's the case that depending on which Example I'm trying to use I have to install and debug various and sundry different tools?

We are adding Cmake files to all the example projects and improving the CMake files so debugging in Visual Studio works OOB as well.