C++ support added in SDK 1.13

In the change log for version 1.13 it notes:

  • C SDK: Updated several files to allow compiling with C++ < 20

It would be great to have an example added on how to setup this for C++. I found a guide on the forum:[CPP] Guide: C++ on Playdate but this refers to 1.12, which is pre official support.

I believe that the makefile needs to be updated but I am unfortunately too early in my C++ learning to know what needs to be changed. Any help here or an official example being added to the SDK examples folder would be a great help.

Thanks in advance.


We still don't have official support. These changes are to make building unofficially easier. YMMV with the guide listed, but it's a good starting point. I hope to get some more time soon to work on an official C++ build system, but nothing quite yet.

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Okay thank you for the information!