Can I work on Pulp with the actual playdate screen size?

Hello :))
I'm startarting to make a new game, and since I don't plan on programming too much, I decided to go with Pulp, but I noticed it is half the size of the actual screen, being 200×120, like it is in a 2x zoom. Is there a way to change this?

Thanks in advance <3

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As far as I know, theres a chrome extension called "ExtraPulp" that lets you use the entire screen. I strongly recommend not to use this as it might break the editor among other things.

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Thanks for answering. Ah, this is so sad, in the end I'll need to go with SDK, hope they update Pulp in the future and make the 400x240 possible.
Ty :))

I too would love a "Pulp HD" option, perhaps enabled at the top level of that project.