Can we create dynamic exits at runtime? Working on a randomized dungeon crawler called Loot'n'Scoot (64.2 KB)

I'm working on my first pulp project. I've posted in two other threads on this already, but now that i can upload files it felt better to just start my own thread. sorry to anyone who sees the other two comments and responds there...

anyway, my issue is:

  1. variable store/restore is apparently performed only when switching rooms
  2. my project has just one room, randomly created at runtime, with a randomly located 'exit'
  3. i put 'exit' in quotes there because it's not a proper exit tile - i don't see any way to create proper exit tiles in pulpscript

I've attached my project here - i'm an embedded dev and approaching this through pulp/pulpscript isn't exactly in my comfort zone, so i'm likely doing a lot of stupidly silly things... feel free to educate me, i'm eager to play. in the long run i'll likely use the C SDK once it launches, but for now i'm having fun trying to use pulp :slight_smile:

Anyway my question for those more knowledgeable than myself:
Is there a way to dynamically place an exit tile via pulpscript? Alternatively is there a way to force 'store' to happen immediately rather than just queue it up to occur on the next room change?

Many thanks

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In terms of exits, there's no need to use / create one, using goto X,Y in "roomName" inside a function would do it as that'll switch the player to that location in a specified room.

As a really quick and dirty example of this, see below : only runs the function if it detects you stood on a tile (below the player) that has that function in it's script (so use an item and just override the on collect event with a blank function).

on confirm do

tell event.px, to
call "function on the specific tile you want to activate"


Then the Item tile would look like:

on collect do
//do nothing

on SomeFunction do
goto 1,1 in "start"

Can't help on the store thing, sorry

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thanks - this actually fixed my store/restore issue! :smiley:

so now when my player reaches the random exit location i call on store then goto 1,1 in a room with nothing in it... in that room the 'enter' handler just sends the player back to my main room which is randomized again on entry.

problem solved. thanks again!


Awesome! Glad it worked mate.