Can you create your own "folder" on the Playdate homescreen?

Hey folks, it's my first time posting here, so forgive me if this question's not quite right or in the wrong place? Happy to move the thread if needed :slight_smile:

Right now I'm working on a zine that would have multiple issues over time, and I'm wondering if we have any access to associate a Playdate file with a home screen header? (I've called them folders, but maybe there's another term)

For instance, right now I have the Season 1 Folder/Header and the My Games Folder, and all my sideloads are in My Games. I'd love to have each issue of the zine launch as its own app from the main Playdate homescreen, but I'd want to make sure they're in their own Folder so the home screen feels more organized.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Josh!

We don't have anything like that currently, but it's a fairly common request so I'd say the chances are good that we'll come up with something in a future update. Stay tuned...

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Aww, awesome to hear! Thanks for that update :slight_smile:

Also: HI! Great to see you as always. :smiley:

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