Can't connect my Playdate to my PC now

I can’t connect my Playdate to my PC now, it makes the USB connect sound but will no longer show up as a Data Disk, I have the latest update and it was working fine last time I used it, any ideas?


contents of console:

11:45:02: Playdate Found: COM25
11:45:02: Device Connected: COM25
11:45:02: PlaydateSerialOpen (COM25)
11:45:02: CreateFile failed (2)
11:45:02: SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty failed (122) (required size=560)

Anyone? It works on my laptop just fine.

Are you running the same version SDK on each computer?

Maybe something changed in a recent version?

I got it working again, I had to delete my USB drivers and reboot to have then re-installed and now it’s working again, weird. :sweat_smile:

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Well done!

Computers, eh?

Thanks, Yeah, that was really awful.