Can't use CoreLibs/strict with class?


Is it me, or can you NOT use the CoreLibs/strict module with "class"?

In a bare-bones test, I've got this in my main file:

-- main.lua --
import 'CoreLibs/object'
import 'CoreLibs/sprites'
import 'CoreLibs/strict'

import 'vsprite'

And then in vsprite.lua:

-- vsprite.lua --
local PD <const> = playdate
local GFX <const> =


function  Vsprite:init()

And I immediately get this error when I run it in the simulator:
CoreLibs/object.lua:73: assign to undeclared variable 'mt'

I'm posting here as a bug - but maybe I'm just overlooking something simple here. If I comment out the import of the strict module, it runs error-free.

I get the same error and yes, the variable mt in line 62 is undeclared.