Catalog on Console Question - Category Updates

On the Catalog web page, in the RPG section there are 6 entries: Under The Tree, Under The Castle, Quest for the X (FINAL), Shadow Gadget, Shining Gadget, and Bloom.

But in Catalog on console, the RPG section has only Shining Gadget, Shadow Gadget, and Bloom.

My personal concern is that once UTT gets pushed off the main Catalog page (inevitable with new Catalog drops) folks looking for RPGs won't see it.

Is there some automatic shuffling/populating of the console catalog organization/layout, or is it a manual process? Related, what is the process (if any) for requesting an update of a category, etc.?


Bumping this 'cuz I just saw Platform 10 affected by this out in the wild (one user pointed out that they couldn't find it at all in the Puzzle page, and had to search for it manually in the app.)

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These lists are currently updated separately, but we're working on unifying them for this exact reason. Our intension is the web/catalog are exactly the same.