Centipulp an arcade very inspired from 80's arcade game Centipede (xmas beta available on itch.io)

Hello everybody here's my little last project I started it around 20 december

=> now available on Itch.io as a beta v1.0.0 for xmas !
Centipulp (Playdate Pulp) by samplay

It's a arcade shooter very inspired from Centipede 80's arcade game

Shoot the enemies before they kill you.
By cranking, push A or B (3 different bullet)

Try to make the highest score!

It seem having some trouble in the sdk emulator around 1/2 party you do it can crash.
I will patch it as we go along !
and big new as a member of group #4 of shipment i'll have the pleasure to have my own device on early 2023 ! :slight_smile:

Merry Xmas to everybody :smiley:

Update new version 1.0.1 is crashless on simulator so i expect on playdate.
download it on itch.io Centipulp (Playdate Pulp) by samplay


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