Samplay - Pulp game devlog journey

Hi every one just wanna have a fresh start an create a game vlog of my progress in my pulp projects. You can find some of my realisation on My games

and here my old post on this forum about some of my pulp realisation :

I just start a new project where your a guy who gonna sluther some mob ! To kept being motivate i thought of start this game devlog that would be use for other projects also

Progress report 1 : 28-29 March 2024 : Fresh start.
Thought a lot of work i didn't have much time to get new game since Pulpmin release in early January.
Pulpmin trailer

That was 2 levels (over 9 tresor to find) of the 4 level i wanted to do, the next one would have be next with V1.1 and V1.2 but had much going on for doing this with my planification. Darn over 3month pass and i didn't have time to do it...

I need a fresh new start and kept be motivate on it !

Reuse and mixing ideas
I had some idea of reusing to of my previous game gameplay and growing on it..
Ski play

Centipulp and Skiplay would be surely use for inspiration for this new game.

Multi tiles player
Here's what i begin from.
A guy who have a hat, and weapon on his arms.
Each of is a tile link to the hero.

on enter do
	leftObject = "gun"
	rightObject = "bomb"
	topObject = "hat"

each of will be move in the update function depending of the direction

on update do
    /////code before for blocking solide black tile left and right///

    ///code for moving multitile, and remove it
    playerX = event.x
	playerY = event.y
	objy = playerY
	tell playerX,objy to
		swap topObject
	objx = playerX
	tell objx,playerY to
		swap leftObject
		if event.dx==-1 then
			if blockedSolid==1 then
				frame 1
	objx += 2
	tell objx,playerY to
		swap rightObject
		if event.dx==1 then
			if blockedSolid==1 then
				frame 1
	// clean old objects
	// localise old pos
	objx -= event.dx
	// remove old top
	tell objx,objy to
		swap white
	solidis = solid objx,playerY
	if solidis==0 then
		tell objx,playerY to
			swap white
	objx += 2
	solidis = solid objx,playerY
	if solidis==0 then
		tell objx,playerY to
			swap white


I didn't quite refactor yet... but for optimal performence you need to calculate where you tile are to remove it when it move (emit apply to every tile each time so i prefer to use it the less possible)

For the rest it's a shooter, but basically i think of separate it in several room where you will have to slaughter every mob...

But there is much to do yet.
Happy to have shared this start :smiley:


Progress report 2: 30 March 2024 : Exchange of fire and counting .

Added life gestion, enemy shooting, enemy counting on the screen and a bouncing enemy.

To simulate the player hit box you have to kept track of player x and y coordinate every time it move. Then it could be compare from other tile. If anyone have another way to kept track from other tile player coordinate i'm surely interested

UI element like number of enemy is use as tile not label. Label is always use at draw from player and draw is call every frame. So i had to get 1 to 99 in one tile that work like a counter.
Score perhaps is a label because it surely could get very high score

Finally i try on device, and it seem working ok delta somebug from outbound with negative life of player for example.

Progress report 3: 31 March : New enemies and autonomous tiles

Today i had a bunch of new enemy : moving blobs, teleporting wizard, diagonal shooter, other shooting a solidify able shoot.

All of those tile are possible to get to be copy and have autonomous behaviour.
For example here a multiple wizard fight :

As you can see when you kill all the enemy in the screen you got to a new level !

I'm thinking of new enemy
Had boss, have a good progress in the difficulty, i think the game calibration will be hard
Object system
Score Bonus system and a lot of stuff..

Had a second weapon that would be consumizing energize.
Thinking link that to cranking effort...

about programming it was quite challenging to have autonomous tile not been mixing with other tile from same type...

It's running good on device also for now

Progress report 4: 1 April : Bomb & Boss

I started to really want to see what could be the bomb wear by the player would be today : so i create another projectile land by the hero : a bomb.
It get sticky and explode after time in the four direction.
I also had new bouncing left and right enemy that can shoot front and diagonal shoot


I also had my first boss fight that is a grander tile and a mix of all the other shoot with several life for destroy it.
Reuse of script (with some tuning) and also use mimic function can get time..
I use the room script for initiate the boss life. as you can see the counter logo life boss is different than enemy counter logo

Also i have a die animation and a restart with score erase and life get back to start number(would have to make a highscore on screen or somewhere)

I can see more use of the bomb for new enemy and other stuff.
I definitely want to get crank usage for powering the second weapon (B-weapon) like bomb..

and so i can thing the game structure would be 10 level (one is boss) structure for several zone...

Progress report 5: 6 April 2024 : Feeling of bug and begin of the second zone

The last few day was pretty busy so i advance more slower than between the last progress report. Firstly since i remark that some crash could happen on device and i'm not quite sure what is it.
It's sometime an E0 Playdate Error e0 - Playdate Help and other time an update fonction saying the crash is due to a update at around line 3000 ... i'm not sure what it could mean..

One thing I thought was counting the moving tile per frame and shift the action to them next frame
It could release the console, i would have to implem it but i'm not quite sure yet.

New enemies for the second zone

Had a bunch of new enemy and new bullets : enemy bomb and a directional bullet

The directional bullet are link to the direction of the new enemy "arrow guy" and it stop to exist when it touch the player for now.
There is also new enemy that could mirroring your bullet when they are touch in there other frame
there is several different mirroring enemies that have different rithm of changing frame and shotting or not abilities.

I gonna looking for a way to differentiate zone, could be in screen or a mention of the zone and level in the ui...

I had some music and sound sketching for testing while dev . As i like music and sound creation so much it must be for me a little part of my creation process :slight_smile:

Progress report 6: 7 April 2024 : Mine and background tile

Like i said i wanted to find a way to have a background tile for differentiate the level.
So i had a global variable BackGroundTile that is call instead of all swap white as swap backGroundTile
This variable is setup with the name of the tile in the room script.

I added also mine that when shoot are activate as bomb and rock that only been affect by explosion.
Those "object" and the new enemy that i show i progress report would be a lot in the second zone (level 11-20)


Extra: I think found why had E0 error on device : sometime when a moving enemy is cercle it was calling recursively moving function directly so i had a wait surround it instead. The E0 was declare after a bit of game freezing so should be the recursive call..

Now there is sometime error unexpected in play and it's very random crash
It could be in any room at time... :
Update error: ?: -1: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value
stack traceback:
?: in upvalue '?'
?: in function <?:3743>

Progress report 7: 14April 2024 : the random crash investigation and optimisation

This week i did some investigation around this crash, it was very bothering me.
Until today i didn't find a begin of solution for this :

Update error: ?: -1: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value
stack traceback:
?: in upvalue '?'
?: in function <?:3743>

Firstly i was thinking it was only on when i try on the device...
and that was link to the number of sprite on screen moving because of the number of variable i use, for some randomize calculation for example i was doing like :

randres = 1
rand = random 1,10
randres /= rand

But i found a good surprise, random x,y is considerate as a number so i can do it in one variable !

randres = 1
randres /= random 1,10

So optimize all my random calcule for each tile which is quite existing in my code
One variable away of all the tile is still a good progress.

But it didn't get the bug out !

After i rework my shoot, that was using emit each time player try to shoot a new bullet (a new bullet to be shoot need to have no more bullet in screen)
So for someone clicking a lot on A button it could use some cpu (remember that an emit function is calling each tile of the screen !)

So i prefer use logical and calculate the max bullet time on screen (from shoot to the overside black wall) until a new bullet could be use.

That didn't work out.

Finally after some time of playing i notice it was most of the time when stuff where gonna explose on screen :
Sometime in my code frame where over the maxframe existing of my tile because explosion could have a recall from a wait base on the all tile...
So i had a lot of prevent when tile is now switching on explode to stop in the code by a done in the script in the case...

The crash happen less on less each time i prevent more now the game is playing well in fps (around 20) with the new optimization... like in this example on device it's 20fps
screen capture from device with fps counter


You can also see i implement a d-pad on the screen :
My playdate device A button is less clicky than before :smiling_face_with_tear: so i add down to shoot as well...

My A button of my last playdate had die so i send to Panic that replace it , it was quite fast ! maybe i'll need to do it again with this one but for now i just have to press it a little more than the useall so it's ok.

here's a in game sound video of zone 2 :

Quite happy with the music of this zone 2..
you can here in game sound, second zone music, game over and little of the basic loop of the first music of the game at the end

I want to stabilize the game as much as i can and continue doing more new level and a second boss soon enought

Playjam 5 Report : 20-22 April 2024 : Tiles Memory

Let's go for report what i done for the fifth playjam : the theme was "You forget something"

I always submit something for the playjam since the first edition.I love to switch between lua and pulp between each jam. This time it's Pulp !

The theme was very open but the idea i thought was a kind of very simple picross memory.

It kind making thing of a very basic drawing tools :

At first you have a draw in font you then you have to draw it again with black or white tiles.

One of the pulp script interesting stuff i did was using as an indirection tell on event.player in a room script:
I had an issue of checking which room from the room i were because of a wait.
I had a global variable I used

On a room script

wait 0.1 then
  if == "differentRoom" then

to make it work :

wait 0.1 then
  tell event.player to
     if == "differentRoom" then

The other interesting stuff i did is how to check the copy of the drawing is ok.
I make loop for checking each tile in the zone of drawing as 1 or 0 in a string then a compare the this win string at the submission string of the copy by apply the same string construct.

if submissionString == winString then
   say "you win"

I created 10 level and 10 "animation" when you win. when you did the 10 level you'll get a surprise mode.

The link is for now public !.

It was a good challenge to get it work fully like I wanted.

Progress report 8: 25 April 2024 : Frame, background and transparency

I wanted for the new next zone to be more in the black tone in the background
Also wanted to stylish a bit the frame of the field. So added a frame around the game space.

A problem get into me for the black background to still be check under the sprite...


So remembered about the gum from player sprite and that someone said on the forum you could get any tile transparent if you want by go back from player tile mode to tile
But find the trad of, you have to get your tile code paste otherwise it lost!


and go back to the old mode

Don't forget to re add mode script of your tile and paste your code then.

Now the monster is transparent :

Perhaps as you could see transparent bomb and gun stamp the old player position and create a player doopleganger artefact :smiling_face_with_tear:

We should find something.. If pulp stamp frame by frame we could call before drawing the object around the player the background..

On tile code "gun"

on enter do
	tell event.x,event.y to
		swap backgroundT
		wait 0 then
			swap "gun"

Then as a trade of there is a blinking of one frame on the gun new position

This stamp effect on moving transparent tile as a frame moving could let artefact then so further test need to be done on all the tile. Yet for not moving tile transparency is a good feature..
So this tradeof might exist but is ok.

I also use the jam save system of level advancing for this game : if it crash (still this mysterious Error: ?: in function <?:3743>) that exist on the long run. might be a crash from moving tile between room level.. but not sure.

Progress report 9: 28 April 2024 : Dice, order and emit

Created a second boss that resist to your shot until you get shot in order dice...

Perhaps, it could looking simple dice in order in screen but i could have a dead end if your not order:

screenshot (37)
screenshot (38)
screenshot (40)

Your block in front of 4 in front of three...

I remark emit start from
0,0 -to-> 24,0
---- vv TO vv---
24,0 ---> 24,14

So by emit on dice and order you could order them left to right to bottom so it's always accessible from the shot, no number front of a lower one.
It less chaotic as it but it's not create softlock in the game , even if i had a time reappair dice...
As rarely it arrive it could be very frustratic i think...

without order

with order

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Progress report 10: 13/05/2024 : Name Found? and progress and about code enter function

Since the playjam i did have not done a lot of developping in this game, but still some progress

for this game but started to feel bad because the first name of the project was at time : oneWeekProjectMarch24 ...
So yeah, was time to change lol.

So i really wanted to still have Mobs into the name ut the main character still didn't have name

Recently one name of game that had my intension is :

Mullet Mad Jack

disgress about this Mullet Mad Jack

I saw a show speak about it like a boomer shooter game type but the game himself is about new generation addict of social network and human more and more loving fast extreme violente.
I don't try it yet but love the vibe vaporware, 80, and hotline miami i feel about it.

Love the name and didn't now before having the naming but is quite about the same think :
Shoot'em Up (like the game genre)

So here it is with a little screen size animation (in game with pulp) with the main character running :

Show the name !

Bullet Shoot Chronicle : Crazy Mobs Mania

so main character is call Bullet Shoot and he get to rampage all those crazy mobs that shoot at him by his shooting at em .

So also in those time I reuse the principle of dice to create barrier where you need to have a pair of dice.
and implementing new enemy like one boucing and moving diagonally :

About code
New update for less crash of type
?: in upvalue '?'
?: in function <?:3743>

In my experience in pulp : When enter is use on a same tile use at screen, it can overload somehow more pulp then subfunction
i could use a sub function fom call that init differently the tile :

*In a tile i use more than one tile in room*
on enter do
   call "init"

on init do
   v=random 1,2
// Do code stuff

seem more effencient when call in same tile that is on the screen than

on enter do

   v=random 1,2


No proof other than less crash of l.3743
It now happend only between both and new zone i'm not sure why yet :smiling_face_with_tear:

So yes, little advancing but big step on naming and that would but usefull for the story of the game : i want to had animation between fraction of level/boss/new zone if i could.

Quite want to have more big animation on my pulp game since the tiles memoy game from the playjam

What do you think of the game name I found recently (please check "summary")

  • Name is fine for me. thx for had share the naming processus !
  • Could be better but it's ok tier.
  • I don't like it..
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